Good looker

Not a lot to comment on tonight, other than I'm well fucking bored as everyone I know is being a total wuss and saving themselves for tomorrow and Monday. Still, it is my Birthday on Monday so it's nice to know everyone is planning on being on top form. Yesterday I perused what was popular on the Hype Machine, and came across this rather unusual but great looking blog. The functionality is a little different to what we're all used to, but it makes for a pleasant change. It's called 1.618, and you can check it out here.

MP3 The Rakes - Binary Love (The Loving Hand Remix)

MP3 Clipse - Chinese New Year

MP3 Rene and Angela - I Love You More (Twitch Edit)

New Stuff

OK, not the most imaginative of titles, but still, new shit is the order of the day. I'm back in Manchester now having arrived last night to get myself a hangover, so today is being spent in bed before the inevitable trip out to a bar again this evening. I'm quite a fan of this twixmas thing really. Here's some tunes anyway.

MP3 The Trucks - Titties

MP3 Prinzhorn Dance School - You are the Space Invader

MP3 !!! - Heart of Hearts

Blues Riff in B.

It's Christmas, which means ITV are rolling out the big family movies. I don't know how many times in the last 3 months they've shown Back to the Future, but I'm pretty sure it's been on at least 4. Still, it's fucking ace, and with Jurassic Park to follow, I ain't movin' till tea-time. Hmmm, I might even go to the pub later. God, I love Christmas.

MP3 Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode

One Day the Twiglet Will Rule the Earth.

For the uninitiated, Twiglets are a heavenly snack shaped like a small twig yet tasting of wheat and marmite. You could also describe them as being ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GORGEOUS. There's no argument about whether you hate or love Marmite - if you hate it you're a FUCKING LOSER, while all lovers are TRUE CHAMPIONS OF HUMANKIND. Yeah.

MP3 Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty

MP3 Justin Timberlake - Damn Girl (Feat Will.I.Am)

MP3 Mint Royale - Don't Falter (Feat Lauren Lavern)

Christmas Presents.

No blurb, just tunes. Enjoy.

(Dad, don't download these songs, they're on your computer already.)

MP3 Tweet - Boogie 2Nite

MP3 LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends

MP3 Bobby Darin - Me and Mr Hohner

MP3 Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

MP3 Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock and Roll

RIP Mr Brown

There's a lump in my throat. James Brown is gone. We should all raise a glass today, and not only celebrate being with our families at this time of year, but to his genius and contribution to music. James Brown: Rest in Peace.

MP3 James Brown - Super Bad (Parts 1 & 2)

PS Thanks to Big Rock Candy Mountain for supplying the song - I'm at home for Xmas so away from my music.

My Christmas Message.

Aye up. It's Christmas day. I hope you're all having a top time, and that Santa has brought you everything you could hope for. As 2006 draws ever nearer to it's conclusion, there's always time to reflect on the years musical mishaps, mistakes and guilty pleasures. You all know that I carry more than your average amount of guilty little secrets, and long may this continue into 2007. I'll be another year older, not any wiser, and I'll carry on regardless of what anyone thinks about the tunes I like. You should all be the same too - if it sounds cool, love it. If it's hideous, hate it.

Peace to you all.

MP3 !!! - Bend over Beethoven

Good Song Shocker

I'm impressed. Bloc Party's new song is great. I've never really been much of a fan aside from a few songs like Banquet, so to hear new single the Prayer, it sounds like a welcome change of direction. I'm yet to make my way through the album, though on the back of this it sounds like there's plenty to look forward to.

Tomorrow, as a chrimbo treat, I might let you have something new from !!!. No promises mind.

MP3 Bloc Party - The Prayer


Two posts in one day? There's not been a flurry of activity on this blog like it for months. Still, something dropped into my inbox 10 minutes ago I thought I should share. It's a new song by the Good, the Bad and the Queen - y'know, that new band with Damon whats-his-face and a few mates. I've not heard it yet as I'm in the office and supposed to be working, so feel to let me know if it's Good, Bad or Total Bollocks.

MP3 The Good, The Bad and The Queen - History Song

Stitch Me Back

Lack of posts again I know, normal service resumes in 2007. I was working on a top 100 of everything in 2006, but have failed to complete it so you'll have to be happy with a twixmas roundup of stuff that's floated my boat this year.

Friday night was spent at Night and Day watching Blood Red Shoes who were ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BRILLIANT. One part White Stripes, one part Giant Drag, ALL FUCKING BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT!!!!

MP3 Blood Red Shoes - Stitch Me Back

UPDATE!! HERE'S MORE BRILLIANT STUFF Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down


Those of you that subscribe to the RSS feed would have had a surprise when clicking for Thom Yorke - apparently it's illegal! How naughty! So, in the spirit of anarchy, here's a remix by Brummie techno legend Surgeon of the Clock. Hmphf.

MP3 Thom Yorke - The Clock (Surgeon Remix)

My Little White Box of Fun.

I'm happy to report that my iPod has apparently resurrected itself, and the battery is functioning for long enough so that I can go door-to-door with my Manchester/London commute without the supply of music ever ending. Ace. This means that I'm able to listen to music again, which has proven challenging since taking this new job. Currently rocking my world is the freshly leaked LCD album (which I won't be sharing just yet) and Optimo's recent Essential Mix. Yep, I did get this from Pitchfork, but they do seem to have had some problems with bandwidth. Hopefully, this will download a little quicker. Enjoy.

MP3 Optimo - Essential Mix


Yesterday was the latest Manchester Blogmeet, where the great and the good from Manchesters blogging community meet up in a dodgy pub to talk about stuff not really related to blogs. Fun fun fun. Many a comment was passed on my less that prolific output of late, though y'all know that I'm back on the wagon;) I didn't have any decent internet access last week, so hence my lack of posts. Anyway, it's a Sunday, so here's some music.

MP3 Van She - Kelly

MP3 New Order - A Perfect Kiss

MP3 Seaweed - Go Your Own Way

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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