My inbox has been having a rather exciting time over the last few days, which ensures that you're all in for some treats over the next week or so. In the meantime, make sure you all scoot over to my new blog which I'm writing with my main man Jon Claude. Don't worry, it won't interfere with my posts here, I'll still be updating with the usual quality and frequency you're all used to. The Shopllifters blog can be found here, though go easy on the look of it at the moment while we still tidy it up. There's some good tunes to be found though.

In the meantime, here's an XXXChange remix of Santogolds new single, L.E.S Artistes. While it's not the huge banger I thought it would be, it's a nice piece of work that could fit nicely into a breakdown for all you DJ types out there.

MP3 Santogold - L.E.S Artistes (XXXChange Remix)

Fourth rock from the sun.

I had the privilege of DJing with Jon Claude at the official Manchester Versus Cancer Aftershow on Saturday night at newish club MoHo Live. I was initially hesitant about the gig, and uncharacteristically nervous on the night due to the amount of old school Manchester sorts that were there in the clear belief that it's still 1988. We'd been given the brief of a "Shoplifters Classics" set, meaning big remixes guaranteed to get the crowd moving. I naturally turned to the DFA, as they've soundtracked many a party over the last few years with their redux's, and some of their older mixes have become more popular than the originals. While I didn't get chance to play this, this take on "Mars Arizona" by Blues Explosion is a star turn, with it's disco beat for the first half which morphs into wobbly acid in the second. Great stuff, give it a whirl if it sounds your thing.

MP3 Blues Explosion - Mars, Arizona (DFA Remix)*

* I might be guilty of posting this a couple of years ago. Apologies if so.


Tonights episode of Later with Jools Holland has left me feeling frustrated, for the following reasons:

1) Duffy is a blonde dimwit from Wales that's been coerced into a misguided attempt at bringing back Northern Soul.

2) Asa (pronounced Asha) reminded us all about the dangers of cod-reggae, and the responsibility we all collectively share to stamp it out.

3) Martina Topley Bird appeared to look and sound as bizarre as her name suggests, not that we hadn't sussed that out before.

4) "Stone Cold" Steve Earle was on too, but sang some angry songs about American politics that I'm sure are very worthwhile but not boat-float-worthy. Boring.

5) MGMT were ace, but this only frustrated me further as they play Night and Day on 1st March, and there's a good chance I'll be out of town therefore unable to attend.

So yeah, all things considered I'm not really that happy. Hmph.

MP3 MGMT - Pieces of what

PS - We are Scientists were good too.

30 minutes to know the Oldboy.

A couple of weeks ago, the Oldboy got in touch asking me what I thought of his latest disco mix. I thought it was OK, but to knock up something shorter and more about what he likes. And here it is. Here's what he had to say:

"ok, so it weighs in at just under 40 minutes, not 30 and contains 29 tracks...
this mix is all about me... it contains electro, new rave, dupstep, old skool garage, minimal, grime, techno, kylie, cheese, tunes about drugs, tunes about love, tunes about friends, fast mixes and tunes to twist your head! I probably didnt need to a blurb for all the tunes but i thought it'd be nice but then again theres loads of tunes!!"

There you go.

MP3 The Oldboy - 30 minutes to know the Oldboy

After the Goldrush.

It could be argued that in order to have a successful music blog, one most only write about those bands that appear in the RSS feed. It's a fairly useful tool, and something I have mounted in my Firefox toolbar letting me know who's hot. Just because it's in the list however, doesn't mean it's great. Still, if not for the list, I wouldn't have discovered Tapes 'n Tapes a couple of years ago. They're back anyway, and while they've made the list again, it's in a whole different set of circumstances. They're full time musicians now, and not still seeking that illusive record deal: Lets hope this doesn't take the initial shine and appeal away.

MP3 Tapes 'n Tapes - Hold on now

PS - They're playing a secret gig at Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on March 3rd. Guess it's not so secret anymore.

Tiny feet.

Before I go off to bed for a night of uneventful tossing and turning, I figured I should cast a mention to Little Boots, who aside from having a rather decent track lined up for release produced by Joe from Hot Chip, it also transpires she's the former frontperson with Leeds' Dead Disco. Give it a listen, it's rather good.

MP3 Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat

I'm the poorliest man in Manchester.

Yes it's true, I've been struck down with the lurgy. So much so that I'm missing a night of fun and games in town: Hot Chip and Matthew Dear are playing the Academy, there's a Hot Chip aftershow in Salford with Grosvenor playing live and "the Chip" DJing, and to top it all off David E Sugar is rocking the Roadhouse with the Contort Yourself boys. And all while I've stayed in looking like a recovering heroin addict with a crack whores cough. Nice. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

MP3 Ebony Bones - We know all about you

The drums, the drums, the drums... (etc)

"It sounds like New Young Pony Club." Yeah, that much might be true, but it's y'know, like, alright too. All good for a big up from me.

MP3 The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)

Shakalaka baby

Just because you're a former youth icon frontman of a band, it doesn't mean you have to stop writing good tunes, does it? Take the recent examples of former Husker Du/Sugar man Bob Mould, or Pixies main geezer Black Francis, who've both turned in albums of reasonable quality of late, proving that you can indeed age with your fans without the need to keep turning out your former output. And did you know that Bob Mould has an alternative career as a House DJ?? If you hear any of his stuff, let me know.

MP3 Bob Mould - The Silence Between us

MP3 Black Francis - She took all the money

Why Tuesdays suck.

It's very late on Sunday, and unlike others, I see no reason to get depressed about it being Monday tomorrow. In fact, I welcome Mondays; It means that I don't spend the end of my weekend being all depressed about it being the beginning of the working week and stuff. The day I hate is Tuesday. It's the furthest actual point you could be from the weekend. You see, if it's Wednesday, you know that it's Thursday the next day, and that is pretty much Friday if you've got stuff to do in the evening. Mondays let you basque in the glory of the weekend, while all a Tuesday has to offer is Wednesday the day after.
Is that all clear now?

MP3 KC and the Sunshine Band - Do you wanna go party?

Where were you in '92?

Ayo mixtape. My good mate Sap (aka Sapnarella) has in the last 12 months revealed herself to be a neat little indie and electro dj, and not one of those Ableton types neither: A proper, 1210 packing vinyl spinner. Anyway, she sent me a mix the other day, and so I asked if I could post it up for your consideration. Our conflab went something like this:

Me: "Where were you in '92?"
Her: "Preparing myself for the onslaught of Britpop."

Poor thing. Here's the tracklisting:

Dub Pistols Feat. Rodney P & Terry Hall: Peaches [Ortzroka Remix]
Late Of The Pier: Bathroom Gurgle
Friendly Fires: Your Love
Does It Offend You Yeah?: Let’s Make Out
A-Trak: Walk It Out Trizz
Yelle: A Cause Des Garcons [Punks Jump Up Mix]
Passions: Emergency
Klaxons: Gravity’s Rainbow [Van She Remix]
Chromeo: Needy Girl [Bloc Party High School Remix]
Bloc Party: Helicopter [Weird Science Remix]
M.I.A.: XR2
Bolt Action Five: Tree Friend Tree Foe [Kissy Sell Out Remix]
Hadouken: Tuning In
Alavi: Smells Like ReroX

MP3 Sapnarella - January's child is off her face

What a Twat.

Here's New Order bass sort Peter Hook pretending to DJ at the Exit festival in 2006, and it's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. What a cock.

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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