Crush on you

Wow. I found this when scouting around online for the Lumidee track earlier. I had a vague memory of it from my junior school days. I'm pretty sure I danced to it once, and I'm sure I got it on a flexi-disc mounted to a copy of Look-in or something similar. Anyway, it's got an interesting intro that you might recognise from a track that Allan Braxe and Fred Falke put out once. Enjoy.

MP3 The Jets - Crush on You

Never Leave You

I'd very nearly forgotten about this. This was everywhere 5 years ago, and I danced to it many times. And then, I forgot all about it, until today, when I remembered it. OK, I know that sounds a bit shit, but it's a tune. Here you go.

MP3 Lumidee - Never Leave You

Spiritualized Vs Embrace

Gav, one of the guys I work with, last week surprised me when he turned around and said that he hated Spiritualized. Fair enough, I hate the Flaming Lips (yes I know, but I do) so it's no big deal if someone doesn't like a band I do. I then looked around the office, to see most people with a similar reaction; No one liked them as much as me. It was even suggested that they sound like Embrace. I'm pretty horrified by that, but I'll leave this in your hands. Do Spiritualized sound like Embrace? Listen to the tracks below, and let me know what you think in the poll and comments.

MP3 Spiritualized - Soul on Fire

MP3 Embrace - Natures Law


Here's a couple of tracks that just came up randomly in iTunes - they're both fucking great! Enjoy.

MP3 The Delgados - I Fought the Angels

MP3 The Dave Pike Set - Mathar


The new Kleerup album came through the other day. I've not listened to it all yet, though his collab with Lykke Li is pretty good. If you're a fan of the Robyn thing he did, I reckon you'll enjoy this too.

MP3 Kleerup - Until we bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)


You'd have to be pretty miserable sod to not like this tune. Yeah, it's got "obvious summer hit" written all over it, but when the sun is shining through the windows at 11am and you know you've got a lunch planned in the park for 12 tracks like this can make your morning. Tune.

MP3 Sonny J - Handsfree (If you hold my hand)

Santogold: Your Questions Answered.

You're lucky. Ms White was suffering a bit when we caught up with her following a rather successful album launch party. She did miss out a few of your questions (you pesky sorts that tried to get her to answer a batch of questions, rather than one), though she was good enough to answer the following:

Q Hi Santi, loved the L.E.S Artistes video. Just wanted to ask, whats up with the whole horse thing? I see Mariah Carey is rocking the white horse look in her latest vid. Is she biting your style or what? (from Luke)

A I LOVE horses! I think they're so beautiful, and I recently discovered this allergy medicine called Claritin that makes me not so allergic so I can actually get on one. When I was listening to the song trying to come up with a video concept, I just got this regal image of me on a horse with a super blank stare, kind of like a talking photo, flanked by these stoic beautiful figures. And Mariah... .I haven't seen her video, but I'm not too worried about any sort of idea overlap there : ) .

Q Hey Santi, of all the people you've written songs for are there any, in retrospect, you wished you kept for yourself? (from JonClaude )

A No. When I write for other people it comes from a total different place. I'm really there to support someone else's art, so it's not as creative a process for me. I'm way more connected to my own songs.

Q What sort of a diet leaves you spewing up glitter? And as a follow-up, have you ever been to see a specialist about it? I reckon it's pretty serious... (from Kev)

A I'm not throwing up glitter dude. Everything that comes out of my mouth is gold. Don't you get it?

Q What is your favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Mine's Chunky Monkey! (from James)

A I don't like Ben and Jerry's. It's too sweet and ice cream gives me gas. But if I had to choose a favourite, it would be Hagan Daaz Coffee Chip ice cream.

Q LOVE your album Santi! My question is, though: What's the meaning of life? (from A. CUZT )

A To end up somewhere other than where you started.

So there we go, your questions answered.

MP3 Santogold - Oh Superman

PS - A CUTZ is the lucky winner of the vinyl, get in touch and give me your address so I can send it to you.

More tunes for a Sunday afternoon.

Still going through this weeks collection of tunes. First up, it's the Benny Blanco mix of Kylie, which is possibly the best mix I've heard all week, and an oldie from Todd Terje which should get you shuffling in your chair if you liked that Boyz Noize Cut Copy thing I posted a little while ago.

MP3 Kylie - Heart Beat Rock (Benny Blanco Mix feat. Spank Rock)

MP3 Todd Terje - Eurodans

New Arrival.

Aww. Kate from the Manchizzle gave birth to her new baby Molly on Saturday morning at home and she weighed in at 7lbs 10oz. Here's the record that was at number one when Molly was born. It could be worse, at least it wasn't Basshunter!

Many congratulations again to Kate and family.

MP3 Madonna - 4 Minutes (Feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)


Ayup. Apologies to those of you still waiting for your responses from Santogold - I'm just waiting on the transcription of the interview. I'll be posting up her answers to your very taxing questions in the next or four.

I've found myself perusing the interwebs at rather late hours recently, often after a few shandies. This means that I'm not 100% sure what's sitting on my hard-drive, and has made for some interesting listening. Anyway, to celebrate the UK finally getting some decent weather, here's a couple of tracks with a sunshine theme. Enjoy.

MP3 Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Tommie Sunshine's Acid Edit)

MP3 Roy Ayers - Everyone loves the Sunshine (9th Wonder Remix)

BONUS MP3 Here's a Diplo remix of Marlena Shaw off the new Verve Remixed album. The Roy Ayers mix is off that too. (Mirror)

Let's talk about it

If you missed it, No Age scored 9.2 in the Pitchfork review of 'Nouns', making them the best new band since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! or something. I'm a little on the sore side that I didn't get around to blogging about them, as I've been loving their album for the last couple of weeks, and now the interwebs have gone absolutely batshit for them. Oh well, in a bid to console what is my already fragile ego I'll leave you with a little White Denim, whose new album 'Workout Holiday' is well worth a purchase, and continues along on the new rock vibe rather nicely.

MP3 White Denim - Lets talk about it

Everybody but me

I had the pleasure of seeing Lykke Li play a gig at the Roadhouse a week or two ago. If you see her playing anywhere near you, make sure you go and catch her - you'll walk away with a smile on your face, due to her performing ability and the fact she's pretty damn cute... Anyway, here's a diskJokke remix of 'Everybody but me' - does anyone know of any mixes of 'Breaking it up'?? Hit me up in the comments if you do.

MP3 Lykke Li - Everybody but me (diskJokke Remix)

Got a question for Santogold?

Here's some hot sugar for ya. In a bit of an exclusive and to celebrate the release of her new album, Santi White (aka Santogold) has agreed to answer some of your questions. That's right, she's up for answering any of the questions you leave in the comments. So, to be in with a chance of finding out who she thinks would win in a fight between Godzilla and MIA, or whether she really does make her coffee with MeatWater, leave a question in the comments!*

MP3 Santogold Vs Justice - L.E.S.D.A.N.C.E.

* Please have your questions posted by Midnight on Sunday 11th May. She'll answer as many as time allows. Please keep them relatively sensible - she's a clever lady y'know.

EDIT - Santi will be giving a special L.E.S Artistes vinyl to the question she thinks is best. The answers will be posted towards the end of next week.

Bloggerpalooza - LIVE AND NOW!

For pretty much the first time ever, I'm blogging from a live event. Today, it's the Manchester MP3 blogging sensation called Bloggerpalooza, featuring 6 of the city's best bloggers showcasing the sound of their blogs.

Click here to listen to the action.


It's Futuresonic time of year again, so many of the UK's leading figures in electronic music and art descend on Manchester for 4 days of seminars and cutting edge bleeps. Already, RZA has performed as his alter ego, Bobby Digital, and the weekend still has the Wire and Zombie Zombie to come.

Which leads me to Bloggerpalooza on Sunday. 6 of Manchester's MP3 Blogging community will descend on the Contact Theatre for DJ sets that showcase the sound of their blogs. Those involved are Yer Mam!, Best Foot Forward, Cosmic Disco, Shoplifters, Indie Credential and Me!. I'm on around 10pm, if you fancy coming down to hear some alternative rock nestled amongst some new disco sounds. It's gonna be kooky!

MP3 Armand Van Helden - You don't know me

MP3 Veruca Salt - Seether

MP3 James Pants - I Choose You

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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