Been a bit busy these last few days. I hope you can forgive me. I'll try and get some goodies up soon, but in the meantime I hope this will suffice. It's a live performance of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley on Top of the Pops, which really surprised me with it's drama. My disaffection for Dangermouse is well documented, however you've got to give some credit to a person who can take a leftfield song to the top of the charts for so long. Enjoy.

Also, head over here to listen to some Giant Drag live tracks, taken from the Birmingham leg of their recent UK tour. Great stuff.



(Hopefully Not) Shit Disco

Well, tomorrow night is Club Voltage, featuring the mighty KBC, We Start Fires and The Airstrip One. The chaps from the KBC are DJing in the backroom afterwards, while Smokey Hawkins and me tear up the main room. Ace.

To help you all get in cheap (and save on printer ink and paper) above is a handy "mini flyer" for you to print off, cut out and keep to exchange for cheap entry tomorrow. Trust me, you won't regret it.

MP3 Shit Disco - I Know Kung Fu


You might already know this track. It's a broken beat spectacular built around "Apache" which has been torn up in venues across the country by the likes of Gilles Petersen and , well, me. It's great - give it a go.

MP3 Switch - A Bit Patchy

Long Shout to Dave

I went to see the Flaming Lips last night at the Apollo. Following on from my late arrival at Field Music the previous evening, I was true to form and managed to miss most of support act the Go! Teams set. Clever me. Mr Coyne perked me up though when he arrived on stage. Firstly, he stepped into a transparent beach ball which as then inflated with him inside. He then was sent out rolling over the whole crowd, before getting back to the stage. At this point, the band started playing, and about 100 massive orange ballons were launched into the crowd. It was the best entrance I have ever seen.

MP3 The Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

PS - I pinched the photo from here. I forgot my camera. Gutted.

Sun is in the Sky

OK, well maybe not today too much, but with the knowledge that Lily Allens LDN hits very soon I'm quite happy. In the meantime, Lovely Ruthie has some MP3's of Lily's tracks on her blog, but I'm not sure if they're just MySpace rips. Make up your own mind.

It Came From Memphis

I'm off to see Field Music at the Roadhouse tonight. It's a shame for them, as they seem to be better known over here for being ex-members of the Futureheads and Maximo Park (in the guise of Electronic Eye Machine) rather than for the 60's soaked psychedelic pop they make. Should be good though and I'm quite looking forward to it.

MP3 Field Music - You Can Decide

In a move of frightening boldness, the good natured folk over at Memphis Industries have a free label sampler at emusic for you to download! Home to Field Music, the Pipettes and the Go! Team, Memphis are proving to be one of the most exciting Indie labels around. Nice work chaps.

Coz I know you love it

Not a lot to say. Enjoy.

MP3 The Raconteurs - Blue Veins

Singer/Songwriter Sunday

In August of last year I had a text from a friend who was in Night and Day. Keanu Reeves had jetted up from London to see Joseph Arthur, and was stood at the bar necking tequilas while posing for pictures with enthusiastic students. I didn't turn up myself, but there's plenty of people with photos on their phones.

MP3 Joseph Arthur - Can't Exist


Looking through some old files from the last 18 months, I came across this. It's a while since I've heard it, but it's still awesome. The album wasn't great, but worth the price alone for this tune. Ace.

MP3 Willy Mason - Oxygen


Last night was spent at Night and Day (again) for the first of John Kennedy's XFM Xposure gigs since the station launched in Manchester last month. Captain headlined, who were OK, but the 2 bands that really stood out were Rumble Strips and The Answering Machine. Rumble Strips are rather like Dexys with their horns and harmonies, while the Machine wowed the audience with their delectable indie pop. It was ace. You can come again Mr Kennedy.

MP3 Rumble Strips - Motorcycle

MP3 The Answering Machine - Answer Me

Sounds Like the Summer: High Feelings

Clearly I'm not cool. This tune has been doing the rounds for a bit, and I only picked up on it today. Maybe after not posting for a day or so proves I'm losing my blog mojo. I hope not, but hey, these things happen.

Anyway, I'm not sure quite who can claim this tune, but I know it's a disco re-edit of a song by a band called Motorpsycho from Norway. It's got a great Beach Boys vibe, and should make any burnt BBQ food taste oh so much sweeter if you hear it while eating. Great Stuff.

MP3 High Feeling - Leave Norway

Oh yeah, I went to see Giant Drag last night at Night and Day. They were ace, but the crowd were awful - loads of stupid old twats learing over poor little Annie. She gave 'em what for mind. High Friends in Places and My Dick Sux were the highlights, though they played a couple of new songs that were great too. I bought a pink tee-shirt off the merch stand to celebrate. Christ, I'm cool after all.

Try to Keep Up

I couldn't resist this one. We've all got our favourite movies from the 80's, and the Back to the Future trilogy are 3 films particularly close to my heart. Ace.

MP3 Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love

Twin Peaks

Those dudes at Dance_to_the_Radio in Leeds are pretty damn clever. They've got a fair few of the country's best up and coming bands on their roster. Take Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames for instance. Part Emo, part Post Rock, they seem to be drawing plaudits from over the Pennines and beyond, and might actually be worth the hype. These guys are also playing Sounds from the Other City on April 30th, so I might have to abandon deck duty at some point and shoot off to watch them.

MP3 Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames - Pterodactyl Skin

Check out their MySpazz.

PS - Is there anyone in Japan reading? Leave a comment if you are.


I'm feeling a bit guilty that I've not covered these guys sooner. Yes, I've known them for ages and yes, I think they're ace. It's not often you get people from the UK attempting the whole punk funk thing, but these guys do it with such aplomb it could teach our friends in NY a thing or 2.

They're playing High Voltage on 27th April with We Start Fires (and me of course!) and then the Black Lion in Salford as part of the Sounds from the Other City Festival on the 30th. Check them out.

MP3 The KBC - Days of Disillusion

MP3 The KBC - Poisonous Emblem (Performance Remix)

Check them out here.

Woah. Rich at High Voltage has gone and done it again, with an amazing line-up booked for Thursday 25th May. Not only do you get me and a certain Miss Smokey Hawkins, but there's also:

You Say Party, We Say Die!
Tapes N' Tapes
& Metronomy (Live)

I gotta say, that sounds fucking awesome. 3 acts that have helped make the year great so far on one bill. Top stuff. Tickets here.

MP3 You Say Party, We Say Die! - Cold Hands, Hot Bodies
MP3 Tapes N' Tapes - Omaha
MP3 Architecture in Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix)

The 100th Post!!

Who'd have thought it? My attention span has lasted long enough to get to 100 posts on this blog? If you're a reader, and you can remember each one in explicit detail, then simply raise one arm, take it over your head, and pat yourself on the back!

Now, I know I've been a bit crap over the last few days with my lack of posting and all, but I have been rather busy. Don't dispair: I'll be making up for it over the next few days with some bumper posts for you!

And onto the music anyway. This is by the Noisettes, a group from London who I saw early in 2005 who should be rather busy this year. Imagine YYY's crossed with Kate Bush then beaten up by Skunk Anansie and you should get the right image. Top.

MP3 The Noisettes - Iwe

Shady Crunk Stylee

Greetings. Been a few days I know, but I've been at my folks celebrating the death and rise of our lord the saviour (or, maybe not). Anyway, I got back to sunny Manchester today to find that another new DJ Shadow track has leaked. All good, though as it follows the vein of 3 Freaks, it's quite far removed from the Shadow we all know. I'm not sure if it's a new album track or some production work he's done, but it's a crunk collab done with David Banner. I'm not sure if it's quite my cup of tea. Watch this space.

MP3 DJ Shadow with David Banner, Nump, Gold - Seeing Thangs

Pigeon Street

The Pigeon Detectives played High Voltage on Thursday. It seemed that most of the crowd was there for them and they did not disappoint. They've managed to blag a support slot with Dirty Pretty Things, so I imagine you'll be seeing a lot more of them. Top stuff.

MP3 The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry

Happy Dead Jesus Day: Telephones

Hurr Hurr. It's got the word "Hanging" in the title. Now, if only I could find a song with Nails in the title...

MP3 Blondie - Hanging on the Telephone

Happy Dead Jesus Day: Traffic

Hurr Hurr. It's got the word "Cross" in the title. Blaze.

MP3 Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

Happy Dead Jesus Day: Tantrums

I'm not trying to be too controversial with the mini-theme, but, it does kinda say what Good Friday is all about doesn't it? For this part, I'm focussing on teenage and childish tantrums, as, lets face it, the kids are off school so you unlucky parental folk out there are probably having a right old time of it.

Hence my choice of Be Your Own PET! The brattiest bunch of kids in the industry at the moment, but also the most entertaining.

MP3 Be Your Own PET! - Damn Damn Leash

A Call and Response

After a patient wait equivalent to that of the second coming, the Longcut are finally dropping their debut album on 12th June, pretty much an exact 2 years since I first saw them. Taking a Post Rock formula and fusing it with something more kicking, the album proves to be something of a "Best of" collecting their best songs to date.

Previous singles Transition and a Quiet Life feature in a re-recorded form, while next single Tried and Tested Method takes the sound of Mancunia past and throws it into the future. Holy Funk is a track I've not heard befoore, and proves to be a great moment, with it's guitar groove building gently over a jagged beat. Like many other tracks on the album, it is also largely instrumental, lending a further nod to post rock influences.

OK, for ardent fans of the band there's not much new stuff on show, however as a collected piece the album is a grower packing an added intensity with each listen. I'm hooked.

MP3 The Longcut - Gravity in Crisis

PS - I grabbed the image from Go and check his stuff out.

Rare Autographed Stuff

Win the Rare autographed Steve Wood Merch (as pictured above) here.

Rusting away

A few years ago, Portishead front-woman Beth Gibbons teamed up with Rustin Man and released an album called Out of Season. It's rather good. Here's the first track.

MP3 Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man - Mysteries

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Prior to heading to the Roadhouse for the Go! Team and Killa Kella last night, me and Paul were sat in my Kitchen musing on the merits of the nu-folk scene, where the name of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly! came up. Noing little to nothing about this, some investigation happened where I stumbled across this track. Nuacousticaemofolk I think.

MP3 Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly! - Whitewash is Brainwash

My Red Hot Carrrrr......k

I know, 2 Aphex Twin Tracks in 2 days, but I'm kinda easing myself back into the world of bleeptronica. I'd sort of forgotten how good some of it is. Do check out the Squarepusher tune - it came out in 2000 at the height of the whole Garage phenomenon (and by Garage, I don't mean guitars) and pokes quite a bit of fun at it.

MP3 Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car

MP3 Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

MP3 St Germain - Rose Rouge


Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored. I'm Bored. I wanted to post Geek USA, but I couldn't find it so this will have to do instead.

MP3 Smashing Pumpkins - Drown

PS - Oh no.

New Type of Plastic Surgery

I'm not even going to comment on this, as I'll get myself into A LOT of trouble! I'm off to the Go! Team at the Roadhouse tonight - it's one of those super duper XFM Access All April things. Should be good. I'll post a review tomorrow.

MP3 The Go! Team - Huddle Formation (RJD2 Remix)


Bloody hell, been a bit busy today hence no post. Sorry guys. Here's some Aphex Twin to keep you happy anyway.

MP3 Aphex Twin - Fenix Funk 5

What's going on?

Shit. What is it at the moment?? It was enough that Dilla died this year. Now I've heard that Proof from D12 has been killed in a shooting.

Guns aren't cool. They weren't cool in the old west, they're not cool in world wars, and they're certainly not cool in the world we live in today.

RIP Proof.

Sounds Like the Summer: Jim Noir

Ruddy Nora. It turns out that Mancunian cheeky chappy Jim Noir is having a track used by Adidas for their World Cup Ad Campaign. That's right, Eaney Meany is finally getting off my iPod and onto the telly in an ad with Beckham, Zidane et al. Pretty cool really, though I'm quite sure we'll all be sick of the song by the end of the tournament. Still, it's a cracking tune, and it's great to see a local boy will be providing one of the key soundtracks to the summer. Nice one Jim.

MP3 Jim Noir - My Patch

MP3 Jim Noir - Eaney Meany (XFM Session 28/02/06)

I Got Top Man in my Soul

How's this for brand reinforcement? Following on from their launch party last week, I decided to swing by the new Top Man store in the Arndale centre on the way home from work. I'd had a kebab for lunch (yes, I know that's wrong) and managed to drop a piece of chicken tikka on my slacks. As I'm too lazy to wash them, I felt inspired once in the shop to buy not one, but two pairs of trousers. I'm such a gimp - I must be a Brand Managers dream.

Do you like the picture anyway? I'm the one on the right. The other two are Matt and Lucy. Anyway, we all got given CD's when we left the party, so I've shamelessly ripped it to share with you guys. Enjoy.

MP3 The Lovers - La Le

MP3 The Lovers - Frog N' Snail

MP3 0898 Dave - Ballad of Henry

MP3 0898 Dave - Glockrock

MP3 Datarock - Computer Camp Love

MP3 Datarock - Fa Fa Fa

MP3 The Long Blondes - Lust in the Movies

Please leave a comment if this inspires you to go and spend cash in Top Shop/Top Man. I doubt it will though.

The Doctor... Sings??

No, this isn't 20th Century Pop Culture day.

BT have recently announced a "text to landline" service, which will speak the contents of a text message to you through your landline if someone sends it there. They've even roped in former Doctor Who Tom Baker to say these things to you. All good in theory, until I was woken up twice at half 8 on Saturday morning by one of these messages. #1 I didn't understand a word of it and #2 I didn't know who the fuck it was from. All I can comment on is how hacked off I was at being woken so early on my day off.

Anyway, this is all backed by a suitably lo-fi website, where people have been wasting away valuable work time getting the Doctor to sing. That's right, SING. Pitchfork have made Common People one of it's featured tunes of the day, though the thought of it frankly scares me.

Listen here.

Dana nana nana nana na

I like comics. I have done since I was about 11. I kinda gave up on them when I was 16, because I decided to spend what money I had on girls, weed and music instead. I found myself getting back into them again a couple of years ago, and now buying and reading them has turned into my geeky guilty pleasure.

On the back of my music obsession, I found an album a few weeks ago which was recorded by Sun-Ra in the mid 60's. Basically, the TV network were so keen to tag onto the popularity of the TV show that they commissioned a bunch of old hippies and psychedelia stars to record an album inspired by the show. Rumour has it that Frank Zappa has a small part to play, but you'll just have to listen out for that one I'm afraid!

MP3 Sun-Ra and the Blues Project - Batman Theme

PS - You can buy the album here if you want.

Last Post of the Day

Yawn. I'm tired (still), so I'm off to bed. On one last note, here's a cover of Pioneers by Tunng. I'm not massively keen on Bloc Party, but I know loads of you are, so here you go.

Oh yeah, I'm not turning this into a "unusual covers of regular songs by popular bands" kind of blog, I've just found a few interesting ones of late. Enjoy.

MP3 Tunng - Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover)

Cowbells? Check.

The Power of Pitchfork, eh? I didn't realise until today, but they posted a review of a new Rapture song review on Friday which led to this post getting LOADS of hits. While I'm flattered if you've landed here based on web chatter, I'm sorry to say I've had to take the track down at the request of Ewan Pearson and Paul Epworth. They're gutted that their unfinished work has somehow leaked out the studio and have likened it to "someone handing in your essay before it's done". So please, don't send any more email requests, because while I believe in the principles of sharing, I also believe that an artists work shouldn't be seen or heard until it's perfect.

As soon something concrete gets out, then I'll post it. But not til then people. Back to the blog.

MP3 The Rapture - WAYUH

Return of the Beef

Greetings. I know it's been a good 36 hours since my last post, but hey I've been away in sunny/windy/rainy Burton on Trent. I'm feeling pretty tired, so nothing particularly inspiring to say, so here's a tune for you.

I'll be feeling better tomorrow, so more goodies then.

MP3 Katzenjammers - Cars (Gary Numan Cover)


From the B3ta messageboard - God, I love 24.

And over at I Guess I'm Floating, there's a new Arctic Monkeys song, and a few other bits too. Wooooo.

Change of Plan

I'm staying in. It's fucking gashing it down outside. I'm not a fan of the rain, which I guess is slightly problematic in Manchester.

MP3 The White Stripes - Red Rain

The Presets

This is what happens when you don't check your MySpazz bulletins for a day. I sat down about 5 minutes ago, for the first chance I've had all day for a proper online catch up with stuff. Lo and behold, it transpires the Presets are playing at Blowout at Midnight, so I'm off to that, after seeing me ol' buddies the Whip at Save Yourself. Then (as if you thought it couldn't possibly get any busier) I'm off to Invest in Property at Joshua Brooks! Ace.

Now, I do realise that I get a lot of visits from people outside of Manchester (AKA the centre of the Universe) but hopefully this might go some way to helping you discover what this fine place is all about. God, I really do love this city.

MP3 The Presets - Are You the One?

Britney Statue: Update

Found on Best Week Ever

MP3 Britney Spears - Toxic

Top Shop Party

Holy shit. Here's my post match review of the TopShop party:

1) Got there to find we were given 2 fucking drinks tokens. What the fuck, I'm a VIP??! Surely, SURELY I deserve better than this?

2) Minor panic (and revokement of VIP status) avoided when told further tokens available at the bar. Phew.

3) 0898 Dave was onstage when we got in. He reminds me of Money Mark, even though he hasn't ever been in the Beastie Boys.

4) The queue at the bar was immense. It was far easier in the backroom. Still, free bar, though somewhat hindered by the ridiculous bar token fetching thing.

5) JD and coke is ace. Especially when it's triples served in long glasses. And then topped up from Matts Hip flask.

6) The Long Blondes were good. First 2 songs were a bit flaccid, but they perked up a fair old bit when Mick Rock appeared with a camera. Lust in the Movies is a fucking tune.

7) Mick Rock ACTUALLY TOOK HIS FUCKING SHADES OFF TO TAKE A PICTURE. I had to pinch myself to check I wasn't dreaming. He's got eyes and everything.

8) Every single scenester in Manchester was there. Seriously. Only people that were either looking after their own nights or queuing up for housing in Salford missed out.

9) No sign of Guy Garvey. It ain't a party without Garvey.

10) I'm not as pissed as I could be. I'm quite surprised.

On the upside, I'm about 6 tracks into the Longcut album. It's great. Track 4 "Holy Funk" and recent live favourite "A Tried and Tested Method" are awesome. I can't post up any tunes off it for a couple more weeks, because the CD is "unique and traceable", therefore the Deltasonic/Columbia Secret Police will come round to my flat in the middle of the night and wee all over my clean clothes if I do. Don't fret though, there'll be a cock teasing quasi-review next week so if you can hold on for a bit (and not spunk up the walls) then we'll all get along fine.

Maybe I'm more pissed than I thought. Ho hum.

Across 110th Street

OK, I'm mainly posting this because it's quarter past 5, and I'm bored. I finish work in 15 minutes, and what better way to while the time away than to post something about nothing. I'm off to the TopShop launch tonight though which should be cool, therefore I'll be thoroughly hungover tomorrow.

MP3 Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street

High Voltage Soundsystem US Tour. Yes you did read right. More to follow.

Bad Quality Office Chairs

Smokey Hawkins

How much introduction does this lady need?? My sometime DJ partner in the ol' HV backroom is a top little DJette in her own right, and quite deservedly should be playing at more nights than she does. Support Smokey Hawkins!!

Here's a few of her favourites. Gurrrrrl Power.

MP3 The Shop Assistants - It's Up to You

MP3 Cat Power - The Greatest

MP3 Prince - Raspberry Beret

New Blog Address!

Wahey! After weeks of persistent wrangling with not 1, but 2 domain registration companies, I finally got my new domain to point to this blog. To celebrate, a group of pensioners in Framingham, Massachusetts decided to have a party! After 3 magnums of Kristal, 43 ecstasy tablets and 13 colostomy bags, the partygoers danced around to the Justice remix of The Fallen before sniffing cocaine of one anothers naked flesh. As you can see from the picture above (taken at the height of their euphoria), they certainly know how to let their hair down.

Anyway, while you can still reach me at the old blogger address, some of you might want to update your bookmarks with:

Wow. I'm excited. You should be too.

Prelude to a Piss-up

What with my recent penchant for chicks with guitars, when I was offered the opportunity to attend the Top Shop relaunch tomorrow - headlined by Sheffields The Long Blondes - I shit myself and then shook the offerees arm off. Literally. There's going to be loads of free beer and "canapes", so expect a similar entry to the one I posted after the XFM launch. Ace.

MP3 The Long Blondes - Seperated by Motorways

Hung Up

Anyone who's a fan of Diplo, whether it be for Florida, his remixes or his collaborations with MIA is gonna dig this. One part Pop, another part Booty Bass. Cool.

MP3 Madonna - Hung Up (Diplo Remix)

The Longcut: Album and Tour!

Finally. Thank God. The Longcut are getting around to releasing their debut album A Call and Response on June 12th. Hopefully, I'll be getting my grubby mits on a copy in the next few days so expect a review. In the meantime, make sure you get yourselves down to see them play. You won't regret it.

17 April Dublin Temple Bar
18 April Galway Roisin Dubh
19 April Belfast Auntie Annies
21 April Hanley Underground
21 April London Mean Fiddler
22 May Lincoln Drill Hall
03 May Glasgow Barfly
04 May Preston 53 Degrees
05 May Liverpool EVOL
06 May Middlesborough Empire
08 May London Garage
09 May Birmingham Bar Academy
10 May Southampton Joiners
12 May Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
13 May Bournemouth Old Firestation
15 May Bristol Louisiana
16 May Shrewsbury Buttermarket
17 May Leeds Cockpit
18 May Newcastle Uni Global 3
20 May Brighton The Great Escape
21 May Nottingham Social
22 May Oxford Zodiac
23 May Northampton Soundhaus
24 May Sheffield Leadmill
25 May Manchester Academy 3

MP3 The Longcut - Transition

PS - Check me out in the video for Transition.

More Drag

How much do I love Giant Drag? Fucking loads, that's how much. I've had to take down the cover of God Only Knows, but hopefully I'll get it back soon.

MP3 Giant Drag - Wicked Game (Chris Isaac Cover)

PS - Check this.

UPDATE!!- It's back!!

MP3 Giant Drag - God Only Knows (Beach Boys Cover)

A Sincere Apology

Ahem. I made a bit of a boo-boo today. It transpires my lack of experience in the blogosphere is telling, as I was caught deeplinking to some tracks from other blogs. Firstly, I didn't realise that this was a major cause of discontent, as I have listened to many tunes on certain blogs that clearly have been deeplinked from elsewhere. This made me think that the practice was common and the done thing. I was wrong, and boy have I been told so!

In an effort to appease relations and prove that I can be a trustworthy and honourably blogger, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to those I have pissed off, and let them know that I'm in the process of removing all such offensive links. I'll also be ensuring in the future that I find out what the rules are before I play the game.

Please visit the below blogs as they're genuinely ace, and maybe a little annoyed with me...

People of Paper

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer

Lets Kiss and Make Up

New Raconteurs Stuff!!

Woo Hoo. New Raconteurs track for ya! It's cool. 70's style rock fronted by Brendan Benson. It sounds a bit like his solo stuff, so if you're a fan of that then there'll be no complaints. More as I get it.

MP3 The Raconteurs - Hands

TV on the Radio

Following on from last years throughly ace Dry Drunk Emporer, TV on the Radio are set to return this Spring with new album Return to Cookie Mountain. OK, I'm not convinced about the name, but Bowie's on it so it must be alright.

MP3 TV on the Radio - I was a lover

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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