Paranoid, Heartbreaking Beats.

It's been a while I know. I don't know what I've been doing, but clearly my blogging mojo has been limited. I guess I've been rediscovering music, which means I've been listening to it for pleasure, rather than for work purposes. I've enjoyed it.

I'm sure you've all heard the LCD Soundsystem thing they did for Nike by now. I was so eager to hear it that I ACTUALLY FUCKING PAID FOR IT. While I didn't inspire me to sort my general fitness level out and go for a run, it did inspire me to enjoy some great stuff again.

It's In the City this weekend in Manchester, which basically means there's about a million unsigned bands playing that I've got to see. It's going to be good, and I'll keep you all informed with how it's going!

MP3 LCD Soundsystem - On Repeat

Someone Still Loves You Matt Johnson.

That boy Fandango is really on it tonight - he's just sent me over the following track by a band called Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I know absolutely nothing about the band, but they sound fucking ace. They've got one of those really long strange names which is an absolute guarantee that I'll love them. I love you but I've Chosen Darkness anyone?

MP3 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Oregon

Come back to what you know.

My Saturday night event supporting Embrace was quite eventful - the boys played plenty of indie "anfems" and left me a throbbing dancefloor consisting of Chavs and Knuckleheads demanding the fucking Fratellis. They were disappointed when I didn't oblige. The boys from Embrace were nice though. Highlights include:

- Danny McNamara asking me if I wanted his help to DJ.
- I said no.
- Danny McNamara then coming back halfway through my set to reward me with "Great tunes mate".

And onto the future. Matt Fandango has been bigging up Blood Red Shoes, who are playing Night and Day in November for him. Fans of the Gossip and DFA 79 should take note. Check out their MySpazz here.

MP3 Blood Red Shoes - Can't Find the Door

Hold Steady Now.

Sometimes stuff that's popular in the blogging world can have difficulty translating across the pond. While massively popular, the likes of John Vanderslice just don't do it for me, probably due to something being lost in transatlanticsm. Hence why I was intially not too worried about hearing the Hold Steady. But alas, it's time for me to perform one of my famous backtracks, and declare my love for them. Their new album "Boys and Girls in America" is ace, and while it does sound like the interior of a Rednecks cattle truck, it rocks all the same.

MP3 The Hold Steady - Chillout Tent

PS - I'm DJing on Saturday night at Club Academy for the Embrace aftershow. The McNamara boys themselves will be showing up to play, so it should be ace. £5 in. See you there.

I'd fuck me.

Following on from my last post, I did indeed take myself out on a date on Monday to Nandos and then to see Clerks 2. I'm pleased to say that it was the most goddamn funny film I've seen in ages. I was rolling about laughing, I just couldn't help it, and the movie still has me sniggering now. OK, like all Kevin Smith films, there's a slushy bit, but don't let that put you off. With a plethora of memorable scenes, one of the most funny scenes involves resident dropouts Jay and Silent Bob, a tube of lip balm, and Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus. Do yourselves a favour, and go see it.

MP3 Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Extended Mix)

Party Harder!

In honour of the unexpected achievement of reaching a monumental 50000 visitors, I've decided to keep the party going by treating myself to a Nandos and going to watch Clerks 2. I really am that rock and roll. I might have also been offered a plum DJ gig for Saturday night - more news when I've got it!

MP3 Karen O - Backass (Feat. Peaches)

50,000 Hits and Counting!

It's party time. At some point earlier today, Black Country Grammar had received over fifty thousand visitors since going live in March. Wow. That means over 50000 of you have:

1) Read my musings on music, life and having a shitty job
2) Noted my apparent love for the word "fucking"
3) Downloaded some of the coolest new music

I can't quite believe I've managed to keep the blog going so long, but I'd like to thank all of you who've sent an email full of nice words or who have signed up to one of the RSS feeds.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. Here's something to keep the party going!

MP3 Datarock - Fa-Fa-Fa (Shakes Remix)

PS - It also seems that the Arthur Russell/DFA song I posted the other day has reached it's download limit in rapid style. Here it is again.

Not with the Simpsons.

I've approached DFA remixes over the last year or so with a small degree of caution. It all started with 2005's double whammy of the Chems "The Boxer" and NIN's "The Hand that Feeds", which had the potential to be the musical exquivelent of a Pacino and De Niro double header, yet ultimately lacked the final killer punch. The hard working production duo have returned to form of late, with an ace remix of Hot Chip, and this jaw dropping redux of Arther Russell. I'm not sure whether it's Tim Goldsworthy that takes the lead here, but DFA abandon their usual glitchy punk funk, and in it's place resides glorious mid 90's breaktronica. I'm loving it, and I hope it's spells a change in direction for the duo now that the NM£'s "New Rave" bus seems to have regurgiated the punk funk and electroclash scene. Essential.

MP3 Arthur Russell - Springfield (DFA Remix)

Gravity Got Me High.

Australian power pop experts the Grates are back in Manchester on October 24th, on what seems to be an NME readers wet dream supporting the Young Knives. The Grates debut - Gravity Won't Get You High - has been something of a regular visitor to my CD tray of late as I search for spikey new music to send the crowds while with. It's an accomplished debut, and fits rather well with the likes of Le Tigre, Arcade Fire, and any other major alterna-pop stars from the last 2 years. Not bad company to keep though. Recommended.

MP3 The Grates - Inside Outside

"I don't wanna let you..."

Say no fucking more.

MP3 Pavement - Flux = Rad

Mobile Vs. Beck

Like the relationship with my mobile phone, I really do sometimes have the strangest relationship with Beck. Like mobiles, I often think that Beck is one of the worlds most over-rated performers, while at other times (again, like my mobile), I really think he's ace. As you should already know, he's released/releasing a newy called "the Information", which should only include one song - Cell Phone's Dead - as the rest of the album is pants. That song however, is a multi-layered work of genius that should be worshipped until at least your current mobile phone breaks. Then, like Becks recent prolific output, you can get another and start the whole process again.

MP3 Beck - Cell Phone's Dead

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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