10am Automatics

Great news today: The Black Keys have a new album out called Magic Potion and are touring the UK in the Autumn. Rubber Factory was one of my favourite albums of 2004 (yes, I know there's many) as it successfully combined the lo-fi appeal of the White Stripes with early 60's US Garage Rock. They were also embroiled in the same scene as the (now defunct) 22-20's, who I rather liked at the time. Here's a track from Rubber Factory, and something by the Sonics, who the Black Keys covered with Have Love Will Travel. Enjoy.

MP3 The Black Keys - 10am Automatic

MP3 The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel

Channel M

I've lived in Manchester for about 3 years now, and when I first moved here, I noticed a small student run TV station called Channel M. Recently, I've noticed their cameras at some quite important gigs in town such as Keith and the Longcut. It seems they're really championing Manchesters local music scene and televising a lot of these gigs. Your TV probably needs to be pointing east on a snowy day to get reception, but thanks to the wonderfulness of the interweb you can view all these gigs online! Check here to have a look.

As I've not spazzed out about Giant Drag for a while, now's as good a time as any to mention them. They had a gig filmed by Channel M, which was their fateful performance at Night and Day in April. It was a good gig, but it was populated by what seemed to be every Perv in Manchester. Not a very good advert, and even Annie comments that it seems we're a "tough crowd". Come back again soon, and I'm sure we can show you we can do better. It's worth checking out anyway, because it's some decent live footage.

MP3 Giant Drag - Kevin Is Gay

From Home to the Club

Some songs, however ace they may be, sound different in a club than how they sound at home or on your iPod. I'm not sure why, but there's a moment in a club when you're happilly bopping along, until the track goes BAM!, and you realise it's the same tune that has been accompanying you on the bus for so long. I had this with Burnin' from Daft Punks debut. I was a little, erm, medicated at the time, so the first minute or so just passed me by. When the bassline kicked in all kinds of carnage went off, but it was only the following morning I realised what the tune was. Is this something only I experience, or does this effect everyone else?

MP3 Daft Punk - Burnin'

PS - Is Shakira letting everyone know in the chorus of her latest single that she's got the painters in? Just a thought.

Lazy Days

It's been a while I know - I've been a bit too lazy to post. Like many of my excuses recently, excessive football viewing has played a major part. Anyway, onto todays selection. I've been rather enjoying the Islands album of late, so it's time for me to share the opening track with you guys. Go get the album.

MP3 Islands - Swans (Life After Death)

I Hate the Kooks

I really do. Those smarmy bunch of stage school wankers. If you haven't seen it already, check out the video below. It's worth the 5 minutes, and it'll make you hate them as much as me too. Cunts.

Repeat Showing

OK, it's late. I'm half cut. I don't care. I saw the Answering Machine again tonight. Most of you won't know them, what with them being all Manchester Unsigned and stuff. But they're dead good. Fans of the Strokes and Shout Out Louds should take notice. And other people really should too. Sorry. For. The. Really. Short. Sentences. I'm off to bed.

MP3 The Answering Machine - The Hold Up

PS - Check out To Die By Your Side, as Le Coxon has the best Gay Dad song EVER. Ok, the only good Gay Dad song. But you get my drift.

Tasty Burgers

I caught these guys last year at the XFM Liquid Lunch during In the City. I think they won some best band award from Diesel, but like most things I could be making that bit up. Norwich clearly rocks hard. Enjoy.

MP3 Pistolas - Villains

Last Night

I had the pleasure of seeing Jamie T at the Late Room last night. I didn't really know a lot about him, though Pasta Paul informed me on the way that he did "modern 60's pop". I thought this sounded a little bit like another popular Jamie, but I went along with it. Anyway, Mr T wasn't like that at all - Pasta was thinking of Jamie Lidell - he had a sound akin to an Arctic Monkey, but with an urbanised edge. He's got an album out soon, so keep your eyes open.

I haven't got anything by Jamie T to post, so you'll have to settle for Mr Lidell instead.

MP3 Jamie Lidell - Music Will Not Last

Check Your Head

This is one of my favourite Beasties tracks of all time. It's the sound of where they're from, not where they're at. Awesome.

MP3 Beastie Boys - Time for Livin'

PS - I'm off to see Jamie T tonight. I suppose I'll report back tomorrow.


OK, it's yet another footy related post with a tenuous link to a song. I can't help but be excited by the game tomorrow though. We've got a guaranteed further 2 games in the World Cup, and tomorrow dictates whether we face the home nation or the footballing giants that are Ecuador. I shouldn't slag off either too much really, because I think we all know they can beat us if we're having an off day. On a musical note, I'm just listening to Semifinalists album, and it's alright. Here's a tune:

MP3 Semifinalists - Lets Kill This


I must admit (in a rare display of ass-kissery) that one of my favourite radio shows at the moment has to be Guy Garvey's Payola on Sundays at 3pm on XFM. I was a bit dubious at first, but upon tuning into his first show to be greeted with a Genesis prog special, I was interested, but it was when he announced "you're tuned into 97.7 XFM Manchester, the coolest radio station in the world. My name is Guy Garvey, and I've just played Genesis. And you know what? There's nothing you can do about it." A grand fuck you to all if there ever was one.

Yesterday, Liam Frost guested on his show which was recorded in his flat. Frosty was suitably ace, as were the tunes. For those of you that aren't lucky enough to live in Manchester, you might be able to listen online here. Check it out.

MP3 Liam Frost - Paperboats (Demo)

PS - If you like the picture above, check out Rae's MySpazz blog here.

Shake yer Maracas, Man.

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, lifts the mood in the office like the full 8 and a summat minute version of I am the Resurrection.

MP3 Nirvana - Turnaround

PS - I don't why I posted a Seattle track in relation to a legendary Manchester band. I just did. So there.

Childish, I know.

This is good fun. It's amazing what you remember from your school days, isn't it?

All you need to do is get a calculator, and enter the numbers from the following passage that are in bold type.

Once there was a girl who was 13. She need a bra size 84, but could only get size 45. She went to the Doctor and he said "Oh" (0). "Take these pills 2 times (press multiply) a day". But she took them 4 times (press multiply again) and ended up...

MP3 Lily Allen - Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)

Never Forget

Manchester is fucking hectic this weekend. Today, we've the first of Take That's stadium gigs at the blue camp, and over at Old Trafford Cricket Ground we've got Dicky Ashcroft and Razorlight. Tomorrow is all about TT's 2nd gig and the Foo Fighters at Old Trafford. Tickets are in plentiful supply too if you're interested. Lastminute.com have been floggin tickets for the Foos and Ashcroft at 15 quid each (that's half price there kids!) and a mate of mine at work got a pair of Take That tickets for £10.50 on ebay! I kid ye not! Shame I'm staying in all weekend, isn't it?

MP3 Take That - Never Forget

"Beautiful Chicks with Dicks that Put Mine to Shame."

Oh yes people, this is yet another journey backs to my teenage years. Back in 1993, someone gave me a copy of the Clerks soundtrack, and it changed my view of alternative music. Without this, I wouldn't know who the Jesus Lizard are, and for that I'm totally grateful.

On a lighter note, a proper sequel to the original Clerks movie is out later this year, and I absolutely cannot wait.

MP3 Girls Against Boys - Kill the Sexplayer

Tits on the Radio.

Congratulations to Karinski and all at Popstarz in London on arranging something pretty fucking awesome. They've only managed to get Scissor Sisters to play an exclusive live gig on June 19th. If it wasn't in London I'd even be there myself. Well done to all concerned.

MP3 Scissor Sisters - Laura (DJ Riko Mix)

In. Ger. Land.

I've tried resisting posting about the footy but it's come to a point now where it's taking over my life. 2pm means logging onto BBC sport to try and catch the results. 5pm means getting home as quick as possible, and 8pm means that I need to have a quick and easy tea that can be made in the 15 minute half time break. I fucking love the World Cup, I really do.

MP3 The Futureheads - Skip to the End (Digitalism Remix)

Ten Years Later.

Today is the tenth anniversary of the IRA bombing in central Manchester. Even though I was a teen living in a small town outside of Birmingham, the resonance of the attack was felt by possibly every person in the UK. It showed that while we were living under the shadow of threat and terrorism, we are also resiliant and that is part of human nature. Manchester has rebuilt itself as a great city, and even though I'm no native, I'm glad this city has adopted me. Congratulations Mancunia: It shows that no matter how bad a situation can get, you can always pick yourself up. I hope that people in New York, London and New Orleans agree.

MP3 The Stone Roses - I am the Resurrection

Cover Mounting

Every so often, magazines and newspapers resort to mounting CD's in their weekend editions in a blatent attempt to boost sales. This happens so much that you can usually spot when the industry is on it's arse by the amount of music you gather in one weekend. At the end of the day though, there's only so many "Best of 60's Soul" and "Ibiza Disco Anfems" that one set of ears can handle. In late 2004, the Guardian started throwing up their attempts at a short set of 6 track compilations that while drifted on music left of centre, was still populist enough so not to alienate their core readership. October was the best one, with a grand total of 3 tracks that I really enjoyed - which then led to me purchasing the albums. And now, you can enjoy them too!

MP3 The Delgados - I Fought the Angels

MP3 Sons & Daughters - Broken Bones

MP3 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - There She Goes, My Beautiful World

PS - And in news to likely only effect the geeks out there, it seems that Spider-Man has revealed his secret identity to the world. That's like people finding out Clark Kent is Superman. Bit daft that. More here.

It's been Emotional

I caught Lock Stock on telly a few weeks ago. It had been about 5 years since I had last seen it, and I realised straight away why I kaned the video so hard when I first got it. It's top, with a plot that weaves in and out of charecters yet with a cool crime edge. In fact, crime has never looked so good. Perhaps bank robbery or such is the change in career I've been looking for?

MP3 EZ Rollers - Walk this Land

MP3 Belle & Sebastian - Step Into my Office, Baby

Wank Music

This must be the best theme I've ever done.

MP3 Fall Out Boy - Wank, Wank

MP3 Sugababes - I Bet You Look Good on the Wankfloor

MP3 Prince - Batwank

Tee hee.

I am the Lord of the Wank.

This is ace. If you substitute the word "dance" for "wank" in any song lyric or title, it turns said song from something quite innocent, into something extremely childish and funny. Try it for yourselves.

MP3 The Pipettes - It Hurts To See You Wank So Well

MP3 Sons & Daughters - Wank Me In (Optimo Remix)

There's plenty more to come, don't worry about that.

Troubled Souls Unite

It's been bloody hot this weekend. Luckily for me, I've been able to spend most of it in the sunshine frequenting several of the city centre's finest beer gardens. After feeling rather pissed yesterday, I was compelled to listen to Pearl Jam's classic album Vs when I got in. Leash is still amazing, and what I wanted to post today, but as I don't have it on my machine at work have a slice of another seminal grunge band who featured at the Download this weekend.

MP3 Alice In Chains - I Stay Away

Good God.

I've got a very strange relationship with pop music. Over the last few years, it's changed from being patronising music aimed at the under 16's with lots of money to spend into something a little more intelligent. It all started for me with the Neptunes invading the charts. This then opened doors for other cool pop - see Gnarls Barkeley, Lily Allen and Nelly Furtado if you don't believe me.

Sometimes however, songs can be released to simply allow a fading or none "A" list celebrity the chance to show a "talent" for something other than shagging footballers or freeloading at parties. Cue hotel heiress and amateur porn star Paris "Fucking" Hilton's latest attempt at self publicity. Her new single, though championed by the usually respectable site Popjustice, is absolute fucking drivel. Drivel of a sort never heard before. Here's why:

- Lily Allen is having a bigger effect than she may realise. The producers have obviously used her sound as a template for the cod-reggae bullshit.

- The intro sounds like the Tide is High, which in fairness was a fucking rubbish Blondie track anyway.

You can listen here so make up your own mind. Here's something a hell of a lot better.

MP3 SOUND Team - Movie Monster

MP3 The Long Blondes = Weekend Without Make Up

PS - I do quite like the Oakenfold/Brittany Murphy tune...


Blogger has been rubbish for the last couple of days. Every time I go on to try and post, there's some form of server outage that means I can't get anything online. Sorry peeps, I've not been lazy. Honest.

Anyway, I'm now writing this inspired post in the aftermath of the noWax staff party I ran for the guys at work. It was dead good fun, and sets everything up for noWax's proper return in July. More info as it comes in ladies and gents.

MP3 SL2 - On a Ragga Tip

It's Very Rude.

Burrrrr. I've got a fucking cold. I think I'm dying. My nose is blocked, I've got a sore throat, and my entire body aches. Quite what I'm doing up at this hour I don't know, what with tomorrow being fucking massive. My gaffer quit the other day (lucky sod), so his stuff has been divided up between us minions. This will make the day rather busy. On top of that, I've got the Summer Staff Party to attend in the evening, where I'll be co-ordinating musical events under the noWax moniker. Following that, I've got to then drag my sorry ass to High Voltage in a vain attempt to either send the crowds wild or bore them to death. The Whip are headlining which is cool, and quite possibly the nights one redeeming feature. Yawn.

MP3 Avenue D - 2D2F

PS - Check out the new MSTRKRFT track at I Guess I'm Floating. Goodnight.

What's That Coming Over the Hill? (Part 3)

... Is it a Monster? Is it a Monster?

MP3 The Automatic - Monster

The Elected?

I got an interesting email today. It transpires that one half of Rilo Kiley has gone off and formed his own thing called the Elected, and they're playing a gig at the Academy in Manchester next Tuesday. Now, this is a blatent plug, but it's still worth heading down for. Fans of Rilo will enjoy, as will fans of alt.country stars like Sparklehorse and My Morning Jacket. Check out their MySpazz here.

What's That Coming Over the Hill? (Part 2)

... Queens of the Stone Age! Queens of the Stone Age!

MP3 Queens of the Stone Age - Go With the Flow

What's That Coming Over the Hill? (Part 1)

... It's Jim Noir! It's Jim Noir!

MP3 Jim Noir - Eanie Meany

I Love the 90's Too!

If you don't read it already, you simply must go over and visit Clever Titles because Bethanne (it's loving steward) really does some wonderful themes. At the moment, it's "I Love the 90's", which might sound a little too nostalgic, but it really is rather brilliant. The theme focuses on all things good and alternative that I spent my teens listening to, and with it's reminder of Morphine's classic Honey White. I can absolutely guarantee it's greatness. It does miss out on some UK classics from that time, so in homeage I'll give a nod in the direction of that lost decade. Party on.

MP3 Strike - U Sure Do


I might get in trouble for this. But then again maybe not. Still, it's a great collab from one of Mancunias best.

MP3 Quantic & Mr Scruff - Giraffe Walk

My Pleas Have Been Answered.

You readers are good to me. Following on from two appeals I've made in the last seven days, both requests have been happily dealt with by you kind folks. Firstly, Barry helped me out with my comments situation (which I'm still yet to implement, but hey), and today, my good friend Naho granted yesterdays wish for lashings and lashings of barbequed meat. Now, I'm not the type of guy to go around accepting favours from fellow internet buddies, but while I'm in such good form in that respect maybe others can help me with the following:

1) A new flat in Manchester's Northern Quarter. It needs to have 2 bedrooms and be wallet friendly.

2) A new job. I fucking hate the one I've got at the moment.

Any assistance with the above would be greatfully received. Answers on a postcard.

In the meantime, 6Music was the station of choice for todays feast, and I was most pleased to hear one of Interpols earliest singles. Enjoy.

MP3 Interpol - Obstacle 1

I've been a bit busy

Hey y'all. I've been neglecting my blogging duties once again, but I've been a bit busy so not had time to post. Last night I saw the mighty Liam Frost tear up Academy 2, the night before that I spent the evening playing pool, and on Wednesday I went to a preview screening of United 93.

In all fairness, the film hit me pretty hard - it's such a dramatic and carefully handled film it left a lasting resonance that's strange to deal with. I can only recommend that each and every one of you go see it - it's the best documentation I've seen of the events of 9/11 to date.

Not sure what this evening holds, I might even stay in and watch some telly. The sun has been shining gloriously all day, and all I want now is barbeque. This is quite a challenge when you live in the city centre. Hopefully, one of my friends who live outside the town centre (AKA the sticks) will have the heart to help me with my craving.

Have fun. Be cool.

MP3 PJ Harvey - The Letter

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