Radio Nowhere.

Popular music blog The Guardian yesterday leaked a new track by Bruce Springsteen. In a show of camaraderie to help protect their precious bandwidth, you can download the track titled "Radio Nowhere" below. I've not listened to it yet, so I apologise if it's crap.

MP3 Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere

Try again.

It's late, I'm tired, and feeling way too lazy to write. I'm back at work after a whole 10 days off, and boy has todays slog proven difficult. There's absolutely no reason for me to post this track, aside from the fact that I've not heard it for ages and it's a quality tune. Dassit really.

MP3 Aaliyah - Try Again


Following on from last years amazing coverage of the Reading and Leeds festivals, the BBC pulled out the stops again this year to bring as many live sets to you as possible. It was rather impressive work. At various points of the weekend I found myself pressing the red button, to end up in Carling Weekend lala land where by simply using the blue button, I could trek from tent to tent viewing the bands at my leisure. Prior to sleeping last night I was dancing around the living room to LCD Soundsystem, who finished with "Yeah". I can't remember which version, so here's both.

MP3 LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Crass Version)

MP3 LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Pretentious Version)

PS - Check out the Beeb site where you can view loads of the sets!


I must confess to raising an eyebrow when James Murphy signed Shocking Pinks to DFA - my initial reaction was "who the fuck are they"? My interest was raised further when I noted that the band are kiwis and a offshoot of the Brunettes. DFA has been fairly bereft of cowbell for the last 18 months or so, and on listening to this track, it seems to single handedly restore the quota.

MP3 Shocking Pinks - SmokeScreen


Have you heard about Musicweek and yet? Apparently, MW are going to be running three weekly "buzz" charts with data supplied by, meaning it will show what people are listening to against what's actually being sold. The Guardian published an example list, which included the likes of the Ghost Frequency and Newton Faulkner. Not that these are to my taste of course (though Ghost Frequency did play the recent Get Girl all dayer), though I found the inclusion of Samim rather interesting. Mental mental techno it is too.

MP3 Samim - Heater (Claude VonStroke Remix)

Nicely refreshed.

Greetings. I got back home last night from a few days in South West Wales. It was warm and nice. I'm not going to bore you all with some cod-chillout bollocks though because I've taken some nice pictures of the sea - here's Nirvana.

MP3 Nirvana - Tourettes

PS - The above picture is of some graffiti in Tenby. Boy, are those South Waleans off the wall.

A Bunch of Threes

I've had these tunes sat on my desktop for a week or so now, while I've been trying to think of something inspirational or such to write. Instead, here's a Haiku:

"The jam session starts
Somebody calls "Giant Steps"
Cold fear grips my brain"

Hmm. Here's some tunes anyway.

MP3 Martha and the vandellas - Heatwave

MP3 Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love

MP3 Rick James - Super Freak

PS - Click here for more Japenese prose.


So, it was the Get Gurrrrlll all dayer on Sunday, and in fairness it's taken me till now to recover from over-indulging on Red Stripe. Still, it was a great day, with usual favourite Pasta Paul tearing up the decks, and the debut DJ performance of my good mate James Morton. Late of the Pier, the Real Dolls and Dead Disco were 3 of the 7 bands who took to the stage, so thanks to all bands and DJ's that took part.

MP3 Herbert - Movin' like a train (Smith N Hack Remix)

Anthony Wilson RIP

Anthony Wilson passed away yesteday at 1830 following a struggle with Kidney Cancer. Tony was a massive figure in not only Manchester, but the music industry as a whole. He'll be truly missed. While I didn't know him particularly well, I had the Privilege of working in the building next door to his offices a few years ago. At the time I was heavily involved in noWax, and one afternoon I received a call stating "Wilson wants to see you".

I stopped working immediately and walked out the office. Anthony sat me down, explained that he knew about what I was doing with the night, and asked if noWax could go to Liverpool with him the following month to be the official delegate event for his digital media conference "Interactive City". We did the gig, and he was so pleased with the outcome that he asked us to do the same for that September's "In the City" conference.

He helped give me the confidence to get involved with music and promoting club nights. I wouldn't be involved with so many if it hadn't been for his belief in my ability. Thank you Anthony, you'll be missed.

MP3 Primal Scream - Movin' on up


I've never been a massive Radiohead fan. Some might call this sacrilege, yet I just fail sometimes to see what all the fuss is about. 10 years ago, I really liked "the Bends", and then "OK Computer" came out. I thought it was good - better than good even - yet I couldn't see why everyone thought it was the best thing since nice sliced bread. Thom Yorke put "the Eraser" out last year, and again, while it didn't rock my world, I thought it was alright, and a logical progression from "Kid A". So here's Idioteque - enjoy.

MP3 Radiohead - Idioteque


The NME have entered the world of MP3 blogging. If there was anything that would make me consider consigning my blog to the digital dustbin it's this. OK, so Pitchfork did it, but they didn't ram it down anyones throats, and ensure that any MP3's they post are well, good. The NME have done this under the guise of "Radar" or new bands, meaning they're just posting demos by bands that you'll probably never hear of and for good reason. It's annoying that they're doing this, because the NME hasn't stood for any form of journalistic integrity for years - they cover what's new and try and make it hip, not what turns them on.

I'm not going to contribute to their hits by offering a link - you're all clever folk so will be able to find the offending section yourselves.

MP3 James Brown - Get up offa that thing


Ruddy heck - it's the 400th post! Seeing as I completely missed certain milestones like 100,000 hits and BCG's first Birthday I guess the need is there to make a big deal of this. So, HOORAY! WAHEY! KABLOOIE! Etc. Anyway, please find a small, summery "Get up/Get down" bonanza below with summer anfems (innit) from Groove Armada and Mancunian favourites Elektrons. Oh yeah baby.

MP3 Elektrons - Get Up

MP3 Groove Armada - Get Down

PS - It's D:Percussion, and I'm not going. Ha!

Star Guitar.

Hmmm, the Chemical Brothers. I've not liked an album by them since 1997's "Dig your own Hole", and I'm more of a singles fan of theirs. They've knocked out some belters though, only to go and fill their albums with... filler. Newie "We are the Night" is pretty good though. This is a tune anyway.

MP3 The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Fancy Feet.

At the beginning of the year, Chromeo officially leaked a new tune called Tenderoni, which I downloaded and have been caning ever since. Their new album "Fancy Footwork" is out now, and while it's full of Prince inspired hoedowns, Tenderoni has had it's wings clipped, and now is full of nasty reverb and stuff giving it that stadium feel. In short, it sucks in comparison with the version released earlier. The rest of the album is good, if you can take the constant Prince-y vibe. Give it a try if the Tiny Purple One's effort didn't float your boat.

MP3 Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

Music posted up here is for evaluation only, and only online for a limited time. If you're an artist, band or label that would like something removed, please get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the blog!

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