T in the Park: Don't Give Up the Day Job

Superdrug were out in force at T. They had set up a tent and small stage, where girls could go along, get their makeup done and maybe have a go at "hairbrush" kareoke. I'd seen various chavs up there throughout the day, rupturing the eardrums with heartfelt renditions of ballads by the Pussycat Dolls, however I was most surprised to see the gentleman pictured above, giving his all singing "Like a Virgin". His mates were there cheering him along, and it was genuinely one of the weekends funniest moments. I then spotted the same person in the media area the following day, so at a guess I'd say he was someone reasonably important. Fucking genius.

MP3 Madonna - Like a Virgin

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  1. # Anonymous Barry

    He looks a bit like the guy from XFM Scotland.

    How you feeling now then? any better? :D  

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