Interview: Simian Mobile Disco.

Simian Mobile Disco have contributed to the successful Fabriclive series, with their effort due to hit the shelves on 11th August. We caught up with them to find out how they feel about the mix, who their favourite member of Take That is, and their future plans.

In your opinion, is this the best Fabriclive ever?

James: That’s a big question
Jas: I thought you were gonna keep it light
James: I’ve only really heard the Villalobos one, and that’s pretty good
Jas: And I’ve heard the James Murphy one; That was really good. Have a good look through - there are probably loads better than ours.
James: I think we’re pretty please with it to be fair, we’ve managed to sneak on some older, weirder tracks in between all that “bang bang” music.

Yeah, this mix is a bit more techno than some might expect, how do you feel about being included in the whole electro sound? Are you saying with this mix that you do not want to be lumped in with all the “durr durr” stuff that’s going around?

James: I suppose in a way, yeah. We’ve never really played any of that stuff, maybe a little bit in the beginning, but as it got increasingly noisy, we’ve sort of steered away from it. This Fabric set is a clear snapshot of the DJ sets we do at the minute.

What's your favourite track off your remix record (Sample and Hold)?

Jas: I really like the Simon Baker mix of ‘Sleep Deprivation’. We’ve been playing that out a lot.
James: My favourite is the Chrome Hoof one. They took the ball and run with it. Y’know it’s pretty far away from the original. I really like the band too. They’re top.

I really like the Shit Robot mix of ‘It’s the Beat’.

James: We like Shit Robot. We put one of his tracks (Chasm) on the Fabric mix.

I’ve been playing that out quite a bit. It fits well with “Never be Alone”

James: Jesus.
Jas: I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
James: We’ve heard that song WAYYY too many times, you’ve gotta excuse us. Let’s just put it to bed.

What can I have for an evening snack? Sweet but not sickly.

Jas: Toast.
James: Yeah, toast. With some nice jam on it.
Jas: The thing is, you can’t mess with toast, it’s the best thing in the entire world. It can be sweet, it can be savoury. It’s your choice.
James: It’s true. Weirdly, my landlord’s Mum made us some nice Damasin jam which I’ve not had before. It hits the spot.

Who is your favourite member of Take That?

James: I had the honour of meeting Take That once. Contrary to popular belief, Gary Barlow is a really nice man.
Jas: I’ve never met any of them and I’m not really knowledgeable about Take That. Robbie was in them right?
James: Yeah. I really love how Robbie’s getting into aliens, I think that’s brilliant.

Who would win in a fight between Girls Aloud and CSS?

Jas: CSS.
James: Yeah, that’s easy
Jas: They’re Brazilian, they’d tear them to pieces.
James: Girls Aloud may go for the eyes…
Jas: I think we should approach them and see if they’ll do it.

Is Simian Mobile Disco the only concern for you both as a duo, or is there potential for you both to work on a different project under a different name?

James: I think that’s a definite possibility. As Simian Mobile Disco, we’ve got a rep for a certain type of music, be that good or bad. Me and Jas have definitely got some other kind of wiggy ambitions, so whether that fits in to Simian Mobile Disco or another project then we might.

My friend Bec wants to know if you'll play her Birthday party. There'll be a bouncy castle and she’s gonna give you cake and everything.

James: Mmm... Cake.
Jas: James is really interested in that. He’s dribbling.

So there you go. FabricLive 41 is out on 11th August, and the boys will be having a launch party thing at Fabric on 1st August, with live sets from Egyptian Lovers and Sisters of Transistors. Check Fabric's site for more info.

MP3 Smith n' Hack - Space Warrior

MP3 Metro Area - Miura

MP3 Simian Mobile Disco - It's the beat (Shit Robot Mix)

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    I knew they'd like the cake part. Who doesn't like cake?  

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